Rendell Voter ID Veto To Impact School Board Candidates

Despite overwhelming public support for House Bill 1318, the recent legislation that would require voters to show some form of ID, Governor Rendell has threatened to veto the bill once he formally receives it from the Legislature. The legislation, however, also included other important provisions that will not take effect if the Governor vetoes the bill. For example, the bill would prohibit candidates for school director from running for an open seat while currently serving on the Board. The bill requires candidates for the office of Director to sign an affidavit confirming that they do not hold a seat on the Board, other than one with a term that ends the same time the one they are seeking begins. Perhaps we will see this provision in a later bill, but for now (as long as Governor Rendell follows through on his threats) Directors still may run for more than one seat on the Board, which after all seems appropriate since their constituents still may be able to vote more than once as well.


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