New Public Bidding Limits In Limbo

I previously reported that the Pennsylvania House had adopted a package of bills (HB 1854 through HB 1858) that would increase the limits for those items that must be put out for competitive bid.  The House versions of the bills – which each dealt with different types of municipalities such as boroughs, cities townships, etc. – would have required sealed competitive bids for any purchase or construction project over $18,000, rather than $10,000 as now required.  The bills also would have required that all such items between $7,000 and $18,000 be done only with comparative quotes, rather than the $4,000 to $10,000 range in current law.

The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs reports, however, that the bills have been gutted in the Senate Local Government Committee, which lowered the limits contained in the House versions.  PSAB, along with other municipal groups no doubt, is working with the Local Government Committee to assure that the higher limits can be maintained.

A decision should be made by this fall, however, and I will continue to follow this matter to determine what happens to allow municipalities more flexibility and allows local government units to save taxpayer money for more important endeavors than advertising costs.


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