Legislature Ends 2005-2006 Session – All Bills Die

As we approach the end of calender year 2006, it seems appropriate to note that the end of the year also brings with it the end of another state legislative session.  When the legislature adjourned for the last time this session, all proposed legislation died.

This means that, among many other things, the proposed new municipal bidding limits died.  I reported that the House had passed a series of bills increasing the bidding thresholds.  I then reported that the Senate had not concurred.  Now, those bills all die and become of no effect.

It is expected that similar bills will be introduced in the 2007-2008 session, but we will need to wait and see.

For now, as the legislative year ends and as the calendar year ends, the blogging year also ends.  I wish you a good new year, and I will see you in 2007!


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