PA High School Graduation Exams Postponed

I had written that the Pennsylvania State Board of Education had proposed new Graduation Competency Assessments (GCA’s), which would be statewide graduation exams administered in every school district.  I also had reported that many districts were opposed to these exams.

The GCA’s made the news again this week, as the PA General Assembly adopted the 2008-2009 budget and adopted a number of changes to the School Code.

As part of the new School Code provisions, the legislature prohibited the Board of Education from implementing statewide exams, while it also provided funds for the development of such exams to be used on a voluntary basis only.

I do not believe that the issue of GCA’s is dead, however, so we will keep an eye out for more developments.  For now, however, the GCA’s do seem to be at least on a back burner.


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